Cartographica Neerlandica Bibliographical Sources for Ortelius Map No. 112

Bibliographical sources mentioned in these texts:

Brusch, Gasper of Eger 112.6
Camden 112.10
Celtis, Conrad 112.6
Cuspinian 112.9
Irenicus, Franz 112.6
Liber Notitiarum [The book of records] 112.8
Münster, Sebastian 112.6, 112.8, 112.9
Ortelius inspecting 4 steeples 112.10
Pighius, quoting from his Hercules Prodicius 112.6
Pius the Second 112.6
Reych, Erhard is in the cartouche of this fourth Bavaria map as its maker, Ort112a.
Rhenan(us), Beatus 112.8, : Bk.1 German Histories 112.10
Specklin, Daniel is mentioned in the cartouche of the half page Argentoratensis map as its maker, Ort112b.

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