Cartographica Neerlandica Bibliographical Sources for Ortelius Map No. 89

Bibliographical sources mentioned in these texts:

Boekel, Peter is mentioned in the cartouche of Holsatiĉ as its maker, Ort89a and in the text as well: § 89.7
Cran(t)zius, Albert is mentioned on map sheet Ort89B; further in map texts: Chronicle of Saxony 89.7, 89.10, 89.15
Edling, Peter, from Colberg 89.15
Helmond 89.15
Irenĉus, Franciscus 89.13
Roy, Samuel : Treatise on the Danes and Dietmarshers 89.7
Saxo Grammaticus 89.15
Strabo 89.2

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