The first, most important and most informative link in the field of historical cartography is Oddens bookmarks. It contains links to over 10,000 sites with or about maps. Don't miss it. Oddens bookmarks

Tony Campbell, former librarian of the British Library has a very large number of links to Societies, map displays, map collections, articles and other related subjects, as well as a critically edited list of relevant literature references under

The International Coronelli Society is devoted to the study and preservation of globes. It is based in Vienna and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2002. The society plublishes articles and news. See further

If you are looking for a book, or an author, which often happens in historical cartography and which happens to me very often when translating texts on the back of Ortelius maps, where about 1000 different authors are mentioned, the best library to search is the Karlsruhe virtual library, which has instant access to some 25 libraries in western Europe, North America and Australia with abot 75 million books. Try

Archival maps in the US has an interesting website which offers, among many other things, a large collection of prints, all of them based on the holdings of the library of Congress, which are facsimiles of Ortelius maps. If an original map by Ortelius exceeds your budget, this is an interesting alternative source, see

 Concerning Baedeker Travel guides, which form a very modest part of this website, lots of information can be found on the beautifully constructed website

BIMCC is an organization in Brussels, Belgium, aiming at providing an informal and convivial forum for all those interested in maps, atlases, topographical views etc., be they collectors, academics, antiquarians, students etc. It also aims at organizing lectures on various aspects of historical cartography and on archiving and restoration. BIMCC also organizes visits to exhibitions, private collections, and map rooms of libraries or institutions. Its website is

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