Cartographica Neerlandica Background for Ortelius Map No. 230

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Title: none, see plate Ort 227. (This is the fourth sheet of the set of four, and contains segments seven and eight). (Upper right:) Campi deserti et inhabitabiles. | propter aquś inopiam. [These fields are deserted and uninhabited because of lack of water]. (Upper right:) Areś fines Romanorum. [The borders of the Roman army.] (Upper right:) Fines exercitus Syriaticś | et commertium Barbaror. [The border of the Syrian army and of commerce with the barbarians]. (Lower right:) Hic Alexander Responsum accepit | vsque quo Alexander. [Here Alexander the Great received his answer. This is how far Alexander went.] (Lower right:) "In his locis scorpiones nascuntur". [Here scorpions live]. (Lower right:) "In his locis elephanti nascuntur". [In these regions live elephants].

Plate size: (top:) 192 x 517 mm. (First state only:)G engraved at mid-bottom. (bottom:) 194 x 516 mm. (Fist state only:) H engraved at mid-bottom. Two (adjacent) maps on two plates.
Scale: not applicable.
Identification number: Ort 230 (Koeman/Meurer: 47P, not in Karrow; van der Krogt AN: 0910:4:31).

Occurrence in Theatrum editions and page number:

1619BertiusMM (200 copies printed) (On the backside the only text is: TABVL∆ PEVTINGERIAN∆ SEGMENTVM VII. & VIII. Above the 7th strip the following text: TABUL∆ PEVTINGERIAN∆ SEGMENTVM VII. "ŗ Parnacis vsque Paralocas Scythas". Above the 8th strip the text: SEGMENTVM VIII. "ŗ Paralocis Scythis vsque ad finem ASI∆".) Note that in Bertius this map is followed by a single ninth strip on a single folio mapsheet, showing Netherlands and a part of South-East England.),
1624P/1641Sxlvj (1025 copies printed) (last line, in two columns, first text page: S V E V I A. Augustanum vocabant, vbi repertum fuisse dixe-). Text above 7th map strip: TABVL∆ ITINERARI∆ ANTIQU∆ SEGMENTVM SEPTIMVM. Text above 8th map strip: SEGMENTVM OCTAVVM.

Approximate number of copies printed: 1225.

States: 230.1 only, but three text versions, see above.

Cartographic sources: see plate Ort 227.

Remarks: selection of cities in the seventh segment (from left to right): Damascus, Cyprus, Antioch, Aleppo, Arabia, Colchi, Mesopotamia. In the eighth segment a.o.: Babylon, Caspian sea, Persepolis, island of Ceylon, river Ganges.


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