Cartographica Neerlandica Background for Ortelius Map No. 229

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Title: none, see plate Ort 227. (This is the third sheet of the set of four, and contains segments five and six). (Low left:) "Hij montes subiacent paludi simili | Meotidi p. quem Nilus transit". [The mountains of Cyreneus. At the foot of these mountains there are swamps similar to that of Maeotis which is crossed by the river Nile]. (Bottom left:) Flo. Nilus qui diuidit Asiam et Libiam. [The river Nile which forms the border between Asia and Libia]. (Lower right:) Desertum i.u. quadraginta annis | errauert filij Isrl' ducente Moyse. "Hic legem acceperunt Ó monte Syna". [The desert in which the children of Israel roamed for forty years under the leadership of Mozes. Here they received the law near Mount Sinai].

Plate size: (top:) 193 x 518 mm. (First state only:) E engraved at mid-bottom. (bottom:) 193 x 517 mm. (First state only:) F engraved at mid-bottom. Two (adjacent) maps on two plates.
Scale: not applicable.
Identification number: Ort 229 (Koeman/Meurer: 46P, not in Karrow, van der Krogt AN: 0910:3:31).

Occurrence in Theatrum editions and page number:
1619BertiusLL (200 copies printed) (the backside only contains the text: TABVL∆ PEVTINGERIAN∆ SEGMENTVM V. & VI. Further, the title of the lower strip there has been added: "ŗ Sarmatis Roxulanis vsque ad Parnacos").
1624P/1641Sxlv (1025 copies printed) (last line first text page in two columns: men accepere. in vetusta Inscriptio- dicio est illas diuersa itinera respicere. | Qui- ; last line second text page, first column, full width: quś nobis probantur. Addimus ; last line second column, full width: que maximŤ intendenti, id interdum | vsu ; text above map strip 5: TABVL∆ ITINERARI∆ ANTIQV∆ SEGMENTVM QVINTVM. Text above map strip 6: SEGMENTVM SEXTVM.).

Approximate number of copies printed in the Theatrum: 1225.

States: 229.1 only. Three text states, see above.

Cartographic sources: see plate Ort 227.

Remarks: selection of cities shown in the fifth segment (from left to right): Skopje, Olympia, Patras, Corinthe, Sofia, Sparta, Athene, Saloniki, Bengasi, Constantsa. In the sixth segment a.o.: Constantinople, Creta, Alexandria and Nile estuary, Ankara, Mount Sinai, Jerusalem, Jericho.


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