How to Order

Antique maps are not like CD's or other mass-manufactured goods, for which price is the only decisive factor, once you have an idea what you like to buy. Antique maps are unique pieces of art that have survived for many hundreds of years. No such map is physically the same as the next one, even if we are talking about prints from the same copperplate or woodblock. Therefore, you would like to inspect a map personally before you buy it, and we, at Cartographica Neerlandica, have the conviction that you, as a potential client, deserve to have the opportunity do just that. We only want satisfied clients, who have the chance to see before they buy, and who come back to us confidently because they like the price/quality relationship of our maps, the information we provide about our stock, and the ordering procedure we follow. A unique product deserves confidence and a personalised approach. That is the goal we aim at. Of course, to see maps in order to have the opportunity to decide whether you want to buy them or not, you can visit us. We are located in Bilthoven, the Netherlands, a suburb of Utrecht, about 45 train- or car-minutes away from Amsterdam and Amsterdam airport. We gladly pick you up from Bilthoven railway station. Appointment by telephone is necessary for that, as we work from closed premises. However, if you do not have the chance to visit us, as is the case for most of our clients, we have developed the following five-step procedure for mail-ordering maps:

If you find a map in our stocklist that you would like to know more about, send us:

  • an e-mail:, or
  • a fax: +31-30-2203326, or
  • a letter: Marcel and Deborah Van den Broecke,
    Cartographica Neerlandica,
    Soestdijkseweg 101
    3721 AA Bilthoven
    The Netherlands, or
  • give us a call: +31-30-2202396.

In your message, you can ask us to send you:

  • a (photo-)scan (about 50 KB) or a high resolution digital jpg image of about 1 MB by e-mail of the map of your interest, and a 200 word description, also by Email. Our descriptions contain: title, dimensions of the image, margins and total sheet size in mm, date, bibliographical references, description of geographical image, description of color, (old or modern, if colored), possible flaws in plate area, margins and on verso, overall quality and price, or
  • a high resolution photograph and description by regular "snail-mail" (for which we need your postal address) or,
  • a photograph and description by fax (for which we need your fax number).

You can also download low resolution or high resolution (hires) images as well as all individual map descriptions. On the basis of this information you can assess whether you would like to see the map itself. If the answer is no, that ends our contacts for the time being. Suppose the answer is yes, then:

  • If you are a new client, send us a cheque (no credit cards) of the amount specified in the description in Euros (see to see the current value of the Euro against other currencies) plus air mail freight costs (about 30 Euro per package outside Europe, 15 Euro within Europe) or, more conventiently, send us a cheque in your own currency, equivalent to our price in Euro plus freight costs. Make your cheque out to M. Van den Broecke. As soon as we receive your cheque, we will send you the map, safely packed in a carton tube, by registered air mail. However, We will not cash your cheque.
  • Alternatively, you can ask your bank to transfer money to our bank. Our bank is ABN-AMRO, POBox 5201 AE s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. IBAN: NL83ABNA0212 5422 65; BIC: ABNANL2A . We will refund you fully if you do not like the map.
  • If you have bought from us before, and want to inspect a map which may be of interest to you, there is no need to send a cheque. Just indicate which map you want to receive on approval, and we will send it with invoice.

After having received and inspected the map, you decide within five days whether you would like to keep it.

  • If you do like to keep it, and you have already sent us your cheque, being a new client, notify us that you are satisfied with the map, and we will cash your cheque.
  • If you like to keep the map, and have received it on approval basis because you bought from us before, then send us your cheque according to the enclosed invoice, and we will cash it.
  • If you do not like the map for whatever reason (which you need not communicate to us), just return the map in its original carton tube by registered air mail and we will destroy or return your cheque, as you wish, upon receipt of the map you returned. If you paid by bank transfer, we will return the money to you by bank transfer as well.

This personalised procedure guarantees that you do not run the risk of being stuck with a map you did not really want, since you can return whatever we sent you, no questions asked. On the other hand, we do not run the risk of sending a map to a new client without ever receiving payment for it, since we ask new clients for a cheque or a money transfer first. In this way, we will both be happy and satisfied, and you may want to buy from us again, joining our crowd of satisfied clients that can request us to send any material on approval basis.

If you have any further questions about this procedure, please let us know.


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