Cartographica Neerlandica Background for Ortelius Map No. 73

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Title: Artois. | ARTESIA. | "Iacobo Surhonio Montano | auctore." [Artois, made by Iacobus Surhonius.] (Bottom left corner:) "Cum priuilegio Cesareo | Regio et Cancell. Brab. ad decennium". [With an imperial, royal and Brabant Council privilege of Csar's region for ten years.] (lower left cartouche:) Illustri ac ampliss:|simo viro Domino | Christophoro ab | Assonleville, equi:|ti aurato Domino | ab Altevilla R.Mts. | consiliario pri:|mario, | "Ab. Ortelius in hanc | formam comprehen:|debat, et dedicabat. | 1587." [Realised and dedicated to the famous and very honourable lord Mr. Christophorus of Assonleville, golden knight, lord of Altevilla, prime councillor of his royal Highness by Ortelius. 1587].

Plate size: 367 x 484 mm
Scale: 1 : 300,000
Identification number: Ort 73 (Koeman/Meurer: 115, Karrow: 1/117a, van der Krogt AN: 3300:31B)

Occurrence in Theatrum editions and page number:

1587F37 (250 copies printed) (last line, left aligned: descrit ceste region , comme aussi plusieurs autres.),
1588S37 (300 copies printed) (last line, centred like 3 lines above it: bien declarada de Guicciardino.),
1592L39 (525 copies printed) (last line, centred like one line above it: quoque,describit Guiciardinus.),
1603 (Vrients1) has no text or page number.

States: 73.1 only.

Approximate number of copies printed: 1075.

Cartographic sources: Jacques Surhon made a manuscript map of Artois for which he received 36 Livres in 1554. For security reasons it was not published. Only in 1579, when Antwerpen was independent for a short time, did Ortelius use it. (Meurer p. 250-251).

References: H.A.M. van der Heijden "Ortelius and the Netherlands", p. 271-290 in: M. van den Broecke, P. van der Krogt and P. Meurer (eds.) "Abraham Ortelius and the First Atlas", HES Publishers, 1998.

Remarks: From 1595 onwards, this plate is replaced by the first Artois plate again, (Ort 72.2).


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