Cartographica Neerlandica Background for Ortelius Map No. 126

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Title: SERENISSIMĘ | REIPVBLICĘ GENVENSIS | DVCATVS ET DOMINII | NOVA DESCRIPTIO. [A new representation of the most serene duchy and dominion of the Genua republic.] (Bottom left:) MOLTO ILL.RE SIG.R ANTONIO SIVORI | GENTILHUOMO GENOVESE. | Conuiene ą v.s. piu che ą nessum 'altro la | dedicatione della LIGVRIA, come quella | dalla quale ne ho hauuto il lume, & | come affettionata meritamente alla | sua Patria, pero ą V.S. humilmente la | dedico, in Anuersa a 29 Agosto 1608. | D.V.S. Molto | Ser.e | Gio. Bat.ta Vrints [To the most illustrious lord Antonio Sivori, gentleman from Genoa. You, more than anyone else, deserve the dedication for this LIGVRIA, since nothing else can be compared to what here has seen the light, and also because of your great merits on behalf of your native country; for this reason I humbly dedicate this map to you; Antwerp, August 29, 1608, with the help of God, in very illustrious matters, most affectionately, Battista Vrients]. (Top left:) "Meridiani distant iuxta rationem | paralleli grad.42.40 min. ad | circulum maximum". [The meridians are calculated to be at a distance of the parallel of 42 degrees and 40 minutes from the equator].

Plate size: 394 x 541 mm.
Scale: 1 : 750,000
Identification number: Ort 126 (Koeman/Meurer: 155, not in Karrow, vdKrogtAN: 7080:31).

Occurrence in Theatrum editions and page number:

1608/1612I85* (300 copies printed) (last line, left aligned: tero,il Dottissimo Canonico Auberto Miręo,& altri auttori approuati.),
1609/1612L85 (300 copies printed) (last line, left aligned: Historicos.),
1609/1612/1641SS85 (325 copies printed) (last line, left aligned: aprouados.).

Approximate number of copies printed: 925.

States: 126.1 only.

Cartographic sources: a compilation of two 1597 maps by Giovanni Antonio Magini (1555-1617), viz. East- and West-Liguria, which were reduced to one sheet by Vrients (Meurer p. 188).


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