Cartographica Neerlandica Topographical names for Ortelius Map No. 234


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C2  Anydrus fluvius [Greek; river without water]

Countries, Regions, Provinces, Areas, Tribes, Polders, Woods

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B1  Achorij. [Utopian; people without land]
B1  Anemolij [Utopian; windpeople, i.e. bumptious people]
D1  Macarenses. [Utopian; lucky people; More calls the Swiss Macarenses.]
A1  Zapoleti. [Utopian; mercenaries]

Rivers, inlets, creeks

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B2  Acheilus flu. (B1) [Greek; river without bank]
B2  Acytus flu. (B1) [Greek; uncovered river]
B2  Amyndus fl. [GreeK/German; river without estuary]
B1  Anaus flu. [Greek; river without boats]
D2  Anydrus flu. (C2) [Greek; river without water]
B1  Astrangius flu. [Greek; river without certainties]
B2  Bettlos flu. [German; river without river-bed]
D2  Bezbrzega flu. [Polish; river without banks]
E1  Bezlodz flu. [Polish; river without ships]
E2  Bezprizikoprow flu. [Polish; river without ditches]
D2  Bezriba flu. [Polish; river without fish]
D2  Bezwoda flu. [Polish; river without water]
E2  Bogasu flu. [Turkish; river-narrowing]
C3  Boriotranus flu. (D3) [Utopian; Anagram of More's Traniboria]
D2  Carasu flu. [Turkish; river with black water]
D2  Einegioli flu. [Turkish; mirroring water]
C2  Felsius flu. [after Wackerfels to whom this map is dedicated]
C2  Fischlos flu. [German; river without fish]
D2  Grantiophysus flu. [Utopian; anagram of More's Sysograntia]
D3  Mapetrerius flu. [Utopian; anagram of More's Trapemeria]
D2  Mavonius fl. [after Jacob Monau who stimulated Ortelius to make this map]
C3  Moleanus flu. (D3) [Utopian; anagram of More's Anemolia]
B2  Nullaleueius flu. [Latin, non-flat river]
A2  Nulliguttius flu. (B2) [Latin; river without drops of water]
A2  Nullipiscus flu. (B2) [Latin; river without fish]
B2  Nullirippius flu. [Latin; river without banks]
A2  Nulliscaphius flu. [Latin; river without boats]
D1  Onloop flu. [Dutch; non-flowing river]
D1  Onscheepken flu. [Belgian; non-sailed river]
D2  Onvischken flu. [Belgian; river without fish]
D1  Onwaeter flu. [Belgian; river without water]
C2  Ortileus flu. [Anagram, Ortelius' river]
D2  Sansbatteau flu. [French; river without boats]
C2  Sanseau flu. [French; river without water]
D2  Sanspoißon flu. [French; river without fish]
C2  Sansriuage flu. (D2) [French; river without banks]
B3  Sanzariua flu. [Italian; river without banks]
E2  Saslidere flu. [Turkish; speaking river]
B2  Schiflos flu. (C2) [German; river without boats]
C3  Senzzabarca flu. [Italian; river without boats]
C3  Senzzagambaro|flu. (C2) [Italian; river without shrimps]
C3  Senzzaletto flu. [Italian; river without river-bed]
B3  Senzzaqua fl. (C3) [Italian; river without water]
C2  Simpescado flu. [Spanish; river without fish]
C2  Sinagua flu. [Spanish; river without water]
C2  Sinmadre flu. (B2) [Spanish; river without river-bed]
B2  Sinnaos flu. [Spanish/Greek; river without boats]
C2  Sinrebera flu. (C1) [Spanish; river without banks]
B2  Vferlos flu. [German; river without banks]
D2  Vlbad flu. [German; river out of the jug]
B2  Waßerlos flu. [German; river without water]
D3  Zarbaneius flu. [anagram of Barzaneia from More's Utopia]


Quadrant Text
C1  Al:|magro (C2) [Arabic; city of red earth]
D2  Alaschezer (C2) [Arabic; city of islands]
C2  Amaurotus|metropolis [misty place]
D2  Anemo:|nia (D3) [Utopian]
B3  Ariauento (C3) [Spanish; city of air and wind]
C2  Aunno [Italian; ?]
D3  Barzaneia [Utopian]
C3  Belsogno [ Italian; city of beautiful dreams]
D2  Caraoiluc [Arabic/Osmanic; city of the happy tigh bone]
B3  Casteluoto (C3) [Spanish; castle of promises]
B3  Cuccag:nola [Italian; the land of Cockaigne, i.e. place where things take care of themselves]
A2  Favolia [after Johannes Baptista Favolius, a medical doctor, to whom Ortelius dedicated his map of Greece]
D1  Ghender:|monde [French; not of this world]
D2  Goliensdorp [Dutch; ?]
D2  Gugertzinluc [not Polish;?]
D2  Horsdumonde (C2) [French; beyond this world]
D2  Iamais [French; Never[village]]
D1  Idelbeck [Dutch; brook of vanity]
E2  Iustrosc:|zinia [Polish; city of mirrors]
B2  Kein:|stadt [German; no city]
D1  Laerdael [Dutch; no valley]
B2  Larburg (B3) [German; empty castle]
B2  Madiapolis [Greek; no city]
D2  Malogoscz [Polish; actual city name: Malogoszcz near Kielce, inhospitable city, or city without meaning]
C2  Manobia [Spanish; ?]
B2  Mide:|popolis [Greek; no city]
B2, B1  Midepo:|lis
E2  Niebylowna [Polish; city that never existed]
B2  Nieman:zingen [German; nobody's village]
E1  Nigdziemista (E2) [Polish; city that is nowhere]
A2  Nindertheim [German; no home]
B2  Nondumia (A2) [Latin; the land where never ever anything happens]
B3  Nonnata (C3) [Latin; not born city]
A2  Nul:|libia [Italian; city without life]
D2  Nulleville [French; no city]
A1  Nusqua:|mia (A2) [Latin; city of nowhere]
B2  Onhausen [German: city of no houses]
C2  Pointhuys [Belgian; city without houses]
B2  Quippeia [Latin; definitely city]
C2  Rotiliana [Italian; ?]
C2  Sans:|terre [French; city without ground]
C3  Saxirupia,|sive Tisvi:|laget (C2) [Latin; city of rock abysses or ?]
A2  Scilicetia [Latin; city to be known of]
D2  Sombriosa (C1) (D1) [Spanish; city of shadows]
D1  Sottenbroeck (D2) [Belgian; swamp of the foolish]
C3  Syso:|grantia [Utopian; ?]
E2  Teggiur:|zair [Arabic; city of travelling merchants]
D3  Tra:|pemeria [Utopian; ?]
D3  Tranibo:|ria (C3) [Utopian; ?]
E2  Tzorli:|chisar [Arabian/Osmanic; sick fortress]
B1  Vdepo:|lis [Greek; city of nowhere]
B1  Vdepopolis [Greek; city of nowhere]
B2  Ventadi:|nada (C2) [Spanish; nothing inn]
B2  Villauazia (C2) [Italian; ?]
D1  Vto:|powa (E1) [Polish; city without location]


Quadrant Text
E3  AD SPECTATOREM.|En tibi delicias mundj:| regna ecce beata!|Queis melius, queis nil pulchrius orbis habet.|haec illa Vtopia est; arx pacis;nidus Amoris,|Justitiae, ac summi portus et ora bonj.|Lauda alias terras: istanc cole qui sapis. Isto|Vel nullo fixa est Vita beata loco.|I.M.W. à W.f.|Lustrauit Raphael: Descripsit Morus: Abrahamus| Editit Ortelius. Tu fruere atq. vale. [To the spectator. Have a look at the joys of the world. Behold the happy kingdom! This is that Utopia, Bulwark of Peace, Centre of Love and Justice, Best Harbour and good Shore, Praised by other Lands, Honoured by you who knows why, this, more than any Other Place, offers a Happy Life. For Johannes Matthaeus Wacker von Wackerfels; as told by Raphael; as described by More; Published by Abraham Ortelius. Enjoy it and be well.]
A3  NOBILISS.VIRO:IO:MAT:|THAEO WACKHERIO AWACK:|ENFELS SAC.CAES.M.tis CONSI:|LIARIO:ET EPI WRATISLAV.|CANCELLARIO.|Amico optatissimo.|Ab.Ortelius dedicabat.L.M. (B3) [Abraham Ortelius has dedicated this map willingly and not without merit to the most honourable man Johannes Matthaeus Wacker von Wackenfels, adviser to his holy imperial majesty Chancellor of the Bishop of Breslau, his dearest friend.]
C1  VTOPIAE|TYPUS,EX|Narratione Raphalis Hythlodaei,|Descriptione D.Thomae Mori,|Delinatione Abrahami Ortelij. [A map of Utopia after the narrations of Raphael Hythlodaeus, the writings of Thomas More, and the drawing of Abraham Ortelius.]


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