<P>Stock number: 886</P> <P>A collection of 8 steel ...

Stock number: 886

A collection of 8 steel engravings from 1832, published by J.  Murray, London, and engraved by E. Finden. All uncoloured.

Plate size: 9 x 13 cm; Paper size: 15 x 21,5 cm;

a)Lausanne, drawn by CopleyFielding                    Euro  25

b) The castle of Chillon, drawn by J.D. Harding        Euro  30

c) The Simplon, drawn by H. Gastenau                   Euro  25

d) Sion                                                Euro  30

e) Geneva, drawn by J.D. Harding                       Euro  30

f) The dungeon of Chillon, drawn by C. Stanfield       Euro  25

g) Interlachen, drawn by C. Stanfield                  Euro  25

  1. Thun, drawn by T.S. Cooper                          Euro  25

The whole lot:  Euro  175

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