Regnum Bohemiae accuratiss. delineat. per Matth. ...

Name of map : Regnum Bohemiae accuratiss. delineat. per Matth. Seutter S.C.M. Geogr. in Aug. Vind.Cum Privileg. S.Rom.Imp. Vicariat;

Cartographer: Seutter, 1730;

Stock number:   5008;

Page signature: none;

Area displayed: Bohemia; small view with horses in upper right corner.

Plate size:     193 x 257 mm;

Paper size:     213 x 295 mm;

Margins,  left:  15 mm,  right:  20 mm;

         upper:  10 mm,  lower:  10 mm;

Paper thickness and quality:  medium thickness, good;

Paper color   :  off white;

Map color, age:  mostly colored in outline;

Colors used   :  yellow, green, red, orange;


  margins     : none;

  plate area  : none;

  verso       : none;

Overall quality: PERFECT/excellent/very good/good/fair/mediocre/poor

Price   :   Euro 145

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