Cartographica Neerlandica Background for Ortelius Map No. 178(4)

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Title (copperplate:) (In Greek lettering:) Mooria para too Theoo. PARERGON, | SIVE | VETERIS GEOGRAPIĘ [!] | ALIQVOT TABVLĘ. |
Ad nostram Orbis Terrarum descriptionem | habe sequentes tabulas: quas in gratiam priscę | tam sacrę quam profanę historię studiosorum | a me delineatas,seorsum publicare decreueram: | nihil enim ad nostrum in hoc Theatro (quo | hodiernum tantum locorum situm exhibere | proposueram) institutum facere videbantur: | victus tamen amicorum precibus, eas in huius | nostri Operis calcem,tamquam Parergon, | reieci. Vale,& nostros conatus boni consule. HISTORIĘ OCVLVS | GEOGRAPHIA. [Foolishness in the eyes of God. PARERGON or some maps with ancient geography. Dear reader, after our representation of the world, you have here the maps that now follow, which I have designed for the benefit of those interested in old history, both sacred and profane. I had decided to publish these in a separate book, because they did not seem relevant to this Theatre where I only show present day locations. But convinced by the request of my friends, and referring to them, I have now in this work of ours added them at the end as an accessory work. Be well and use our efforts. GEOGRAPHY IS THE EYE OF HISTORY].

Plate size: 378x260 mm;
Scale: not applicable;
Identification number: Ort 178(4.1) (not in Koeman, Meurer or Karrow,); VdKANIIIA:31:2D;

Occurrence in Theatrum editions and page number:
1603L (300 copies printed), (on verso:) AD | CL. V. ABRAHAMVM ORTELIVM | IANI LERNUTI EPIGRAMMA. (followed by 12 lines of poetry in cursive script, followed by:) AD | ABRAHAMVM ORTELIVM ENTHEVM | GEOGRAPHVM PRINCIPEM, | MICHAELIS VAN DER HAGEN ANTVERPIANI | EPIGRAMMA.|(followed by 8 lines of non-cursive text);
1606E (300 copies printed) (on verso:) AD | ABRAHAMVM ORTELIVM ENTHEVM | GEOGRAPHVM PRINCIPEM, | MICHAELIS VAN DER HAGEN ANTVERPIANI | Epigramma.|(followed by 8 lines of text); (on verso:) blank.
1608/1612I (300 copies printed) (new text in the centre:) PARERGON, | CIOE FVOR D'OPERA, ET GIVNTA, | OVERO ALCVNE TAVOLE DELL'ANTICA GEOGRAFIA. | AL LETTORE SALVTE. | Prendi insieme con la descrittion nostra del | circuito della terra, le tauole seguenti , dis-|segnate per me in gratia de gli studiosi della | prisca historia,Sacra,& profana, per douerle | publicare in disparte:imperoche parean nul-|la appartenere all'intention di questo nostro | THEATRO: nel quale m'hauea proposto di | rappresentar solamente l'hodierno sito de'|luoghi. Nondimeno, dalle preghiere de gli | amico vinto, le ho riposte nel fine de quest' | opera mia, come Parergon, & giunta. | Sta sano, & fauorreggia li nostri sforzi.
1609/1612L (300 copies printed) (on verso: identical to 1603L)
1624LP/1641S (1025 copies printed) (on verso: allegorical plate honouring Philip the Second).

Approximate number of copies printed: 2525.

States: one as described 178(4.1);
178(4.2): in 1608I the Latin text in the middle of the plate was cut out from the plate and replaced by a piece of copperplate with Italian text;
178(4.3): in 1624 this plate was revised. The circle top middle containing a snake amidst books has now received horizontal hatching, as did the entire background of the plate. The bottom of the plate now has a new text line: ANTVERPIĘ , EX OFFICINA PLANTINIANA , M.DC.XXIV.
A new small plate has been fitted into the centre with the text: ABRAHAMI ORTELII | THEATRI | ORBIS TERRARVM | PARERGON; | SIVE | VETERIS GEOGRAPHIĘ | TABULĘ, | Commentarijs Geographicis et Historicis illustratę. | EDITIO NOVISSIMA, | Tabulis aliquot aucta, et varie emendata atq. innouata, | CVRA ET STVDIO | BALTHASARIS MORETI. {Parergon of the Theatre of the world by Abraham Ortelius, or maps with ancient geography, illustrated with geographical and historical comments. A very new edition, with added, improved and renewed maps. With care and study. Of Balthasar Moretus].

Remarks: These plates have been discussed by R. Shirley (1998) "The title pages to the Theatrum and Parergon", in: "Abraham Ortelius and the first atlas", M. van den Broecke, P. van der Krogt and P.H. Meurer (eds.), HES Publishers, 't Goy-Houten, pp. 161-170.

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