<p>Stock number: #6532.</p> <p> </p> <p>Cartographer: ...

Stock number: #6532.

Cartographer: Abraham Ortelius (1527-1598)

“Theatrum Orbis Terrarum” atlas

Date 1571 Latin, version.

This atlas contains 294 pages and contains all 53 maps and accessory texts called for in van der Krogt, 3100:002. The Catalogus Auctorum has 94 names. Some worming just affecting a number of the guards but none of the maps.

All maps are uncoloured. The binding is 17th century calf leather. The overall quality is excellent, and its contents are complete. Some final text pages have browning. Very heavy paper. All maps open widely


0. protective original sheet of paper, with some worn holes at the top..

a. Title page with 5 allegorical ladies. b (on verso) Epigram by Daniel Rogers.
c. Dedication to Philippus of Spain. d. Meerkerke’s poem on the title page in Latin, followed by 3 pages containing a letter of Ortelius to the reader

7 pages Catalogus Auctorum.

3 pages with Two Indexes of maps.

1. World map (my Ort1)

2. Americas (Ort9)

3. Asia (Ort6)

4. Africa (Ort8)

5. Europe (Ort4)

6. Great Britain (Ort16)

7. Spain (Ort25)

8. Portugal (Ort26)
9. France (Ort34)

10. Biturigum-Limania (Ort39)

11. Calais-Vermandois (Ort44)

12. Gallia Narbonensis-Burgundia (Ort48)

13. Germany (Ort56)

14. Germania Inferioris (Ort58)

15. Geldria (Ort61)

16. Brabant (Ort65)

17. Flandria (Ort75)

18. Zeeland (Ort78)

19. Holland (Ort79)

20. Friesland (Ort80)

21. Denmark (Ort84) slight split at centrefold repaired

22. Ditmarschen-Prussia (Ort88)

23. Saxony (Ort93)

24. Franconia-Münster (Ort100)

25. Bohemia (Ort101)

26. Silesia (Ort102)

27. Austria (Ort105)

28. Salzburg (Ort107)

29. Bavaria (Ort109)

30. Nortgoia-Wirtenberg (Ort111)

31. Switzerland (Ort115)

32. Italy (Ort117) slight wear at bottom of centrefold

33. Milan (Ort125)

34. Piemont (Ort128)

35. Como-Rome-Friuli (Ort129)

36. Toscane (Ort130)

37. Naples (Ort139)

38. Some Mediterranean Islands (Ort141)

39. Creta-Cyprus (Ort148)

40. Greece (Ort146) tiny rust speck in right margin

41. Schlavonia (Ort 145)

42. Hungary (Ort150)

43. Transylvania (Ort152)

44. Poland (Ort154) narrow bottom margin

45. Northern Regions (Ort160)

46. Russia (Ort162)

47. Tartary (Ort163)

48. East Indies Ort166

49. Persia (Ort167)

50. Turkey (Ort168)

51. Palestina (Ort170)

52. Natolia-Egypt-Carthago (Ort174)

53. Barbaria (Ort176)

Text De Mona Druidum 6 pages

This section is followed by 30 pages of Synonyms from ancient to modern names.

This section is followed by 25 pages of Synonyms from modern to ancient names, some with browning.

The atlas concludes with printers instructions and privilege, dated 1571 and with a final protective leaf of original paper..

Price: Euro 42500.

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