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ABRAHAM ORTELIUS AND THE FIRST ATLAS. Essays commemorating the Quadricennial of his Death. 1598 – 1998. HeS Publishers, ‘tGoy-Houten 1998, 432 pages. Editors: Marcel van den Broecke, Peter van der Krogt and Peter Meurer.

This book, richly illustrated contains 25 contributions, written by the editors, but also by Voet, Imhof, Schilder, Marcus Heinz and Cornelia Reiter, Shirley, Bodenstein, Reinhartz, Kelly, Hernando, van der Heijden, Blonk, Spies, Roberts, and Schmidt-Ott. It is considered the most authoritative collection of articles that appeared in 1998.

For numerous reviews, see also http://www.orteliusmaps.com/publications.html

Price: Euro 169 plus postage.

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