Name of map     : Anglia;

Cartographer    : Schedel, 1493

                  from Liber Chronicarum, Hartmann-Schedel

                  Woodcuts by Wilhelm Pleydenwurff & Michael

                  Wohlgemut. Published in Nurnberg by Anton Koberger.

                  Wohlgemut is regarded as the most important wood

                  engraver of the 15th century, who tutored Albrecht


Stock number    : 6240

Page signature  : 46

Area displayed  : landscape/city view in England, bird’s eye view;

Size of woodcut :  232 x 220 mm;

Paper size      : 418 x 297 mm;

Below the view some 23 lines of Latin text.

Paper thickness and quality: heavy and strong;

Paper   color   : white and fresh;

Age of map color: uncolored;


     margins    : none;

     woodcut area : none;

     verso      : 3 woodcut scenes showing biblical figures;

Overall quality : PERFECT/excellent/very good/good/fair/mediocre/poor

Price           : €   695

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