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Title: Epitome | THEATRI ORBIS TERRARVM | Abrahami Ortelij | De nouo recognita, aucta et | Geographica ratione restaurata, | à | Michaele Coigneto | Methem. Antverpianio | GEOGRA|PHIA HYDRO|GRAPHIA| ANTVERPIAE SVMPTIBVS IOANNIS KEERBERGII ANNO M.D.C.I  (1601)  

The volume is bound in original calf leather parchment, with a spine displaying the title of the atlas in handwriting: “EPITOME THEATRRI ORBIS TERRARVM MDCI 1601. It is a well preserved booklet, in excellent condition. All maps are uncoloured. All maps have clear plate marks. The paper has fairly wide margins and is of heavy quality. The book opens widely. For a booklet of more than 400 years old, it is in excellent condition.

It contains all the 123 maps called for in VanderKrogt IIIA number 333:01.

Contents (defects indicated):

Two original protective blank fly-leaves

Title page: see above. It shows an architectural facade with personifications of  “Geographia” and “Hydrographia” to the left and right, a pair of globes, and a compass at the bottom and at the top seven medallions with portraits of geographers whose names are mentioned: Strabo, Plinius, Solinus, Ptolemaeus, Volaterranus, G. Mercator and Ab. Ortelius.

Jan van Keerbergen (1586 – 1624) was the publisher. The texts were written by Michael Coignet (1543 – 1623). All the maps in this edition are new, compared to its predecessors. The contents are based on the 1601 edition of the Epitome by Vrients (vdK 332:13). Even its Additamentum of 13 maps is copied, instead of inserting these maps in the appropriate places. They are better engraved than the original maps by Galle, and all have latitude and longitude numbers in their borders. They were engraved by Ambrosius and Ferdinand Arsenius.


1r-v Engraved title page; (verso:) dedication to Archduke Albert of Austria by Michael Coignetus, edges restored.

2r-v Michael Coignetvs Antwerp. Benevolis Lectoribus S.D.

3r-8r De Geographiae principijs, ad Orbis Terrarum descriptionem pernecessarijs. F.5v a schematic world map.

(1)     8v-A1r Orbis Terrarvm Typus Orbis Terrarum

(2)     A1v-A2r Evropa

(3)     A2v-A3r Asia

(4)     A3v-A4r Africa

(5)     A4v-A5r America

(6)     A5v-A5r Anglia

(7)     A6v-A7r Scotia

(8)     A7v-A8r Hibernia

(9)     A8v-B1r Tercera

(10)  B1v-B2r Hispania

(11)  B2v-B3r Portugallia

(12)  B3v-B4r Andaluzia

(13)  B4v-B5r Valentiae Regnum

(14)  B5v-B6r Gades

(15)  B6v-B7r Gallia

(16)  B7v-B8r Guasconiae Descriptio

(17)  B8v-C1r Poictou

(18)  C1v-C2r Britannia

(19)  C2v-C3r Normandia

(20)  C3v-C4r Aniou

(21)  C4v-C5r Biturigium

(22)  C5v-C6r Limania

(23)  C6v-C7r Avriacus Princip.

(24)  C7v-C8r Savoia

(25)  C8v-D1r Provincia

(26)  D1v-D2r Bvrgvndia Comitatvs

(27)  D2v-D3r Bvrgvndiae Dvc.

(28)  D3v-D4r Lotharingia

(29)  D4v-D5r Caletvm et Bononia

(30)  D5v-D6r Veromandvi

(31)  D6v-D7r Picardia

(32)  D7v-D8r Germania

(33)  D8v-E1r Gallia Belgica

(34)  E1v-E2r Leodiensis Episcopatvs

(35)  E2v-E3r Lvtzenbvrg

(36)  E3v-E4r Hannonia

(37)  E4v-E5r Artesia

(38)  E5v-E6r Namvrcvm

(39)  E6v-E7r Brabantia

(40)  E7v-E8r Flandria

(41)  E8v-F1r Geldria

(42)  F1v-F2r Zelandia

(43)  F2v-F3r Hollandia

(44)  F3v-F4r Frisia (some browning)

(45)  F4v-F5r Westfalia (some browning)

(46)  F5v-F6r Thietmarsia (some browning)

(47)  F6v-F7r Dania (some browning)

(48)  F7v-F8r Saxonia (some browning)

(49)  F8v-G1r Brandeburgens. (some browning)

(50)  G1v-G2r Pomerania (some browning)

(51)  G2v-G3r Silesiae Typus (some browning)

(52)  G3v-G4r Austria (some browning)

(53)  G4v-G5r Bohemia (some browning)

(54)  G5v-G6r Salisburgensis Archiepiscopatus (some browning)

(55)  G6v-G7r Bavaria (some browning)

(56)  G7v-G8r Palatinvs Bavariae

(57)  G8v-H1r Franconia (some browning)

(58)  H1v-H2r Wirtenberg (some browning)

(59)  H2v-H3r Tirolis Comitat. (some browning)

(60)  H3v-H4r Helvetia (some browning)

(61)  H4v-H5r Italia (some browning)

(62)  H5v-H6r Forvn Ivlii (some browning)

(63)  H6v-H7r Histria (some browning)

(64)  H7v-H8r Zara & Sebenic (some browning)

(65)  H8v-I1r Dvcatvs Mediolanensis

(66)  I1v-I2r Pedemontana region

(67)  I2v-I3r Romanorum Teritorivm

(68)  I3v-I4r Siena

(69)  I4v-I5r Pervsia

(70)  I5v-I6r Oropitvm

(71)  I6v-I7r Marca Anconita

(72)  I7v-I8r Larius Lacus

(73)  I8v-K1r Patavinvm Ter.

(74)  K1v-K2r Bressiano

(75)  K2v-K3r Veronensis Ager

(76)  K3v-K4r Cremonensis Ager

(77)  K4v-K5r Cremae Ager

(78)  K5v-K6r Tvscia

(79)  K6v-K7r Typvs Regni Neapolitani

(80)  K7v-K8r Aprvtivm

(81)  K8v-L1r Siciliae Descriptio

(82)  L1v-L2r Sardinia

(83)  L2v-L3r Corsica

(84)  L3v-L4r Ischia Insvla

(85)  L4v-L5r Malta olim Melita

(86)  L5v-L6r Corfv

(87)  L6v-L7r Candia olim Creta

(88)  L7v-L8r Cyprvs Insula

(89)  L8v-M1r Graecia

(90)  M1v-M2r Illyricvm

(91)  M2v-M3r Hvngaria (some browning)

(92)  M3v-M4r Oswiecz et Zator (some browning)

(93)  M4v-M5r Transylvania (some browning

(94)  M5v-M6r Prvssia (some browning

(95)  M6v-M7r Polonia (some browning)

(96)  M7v-M8r Livonia (some browning)

(97)  M8v-N1r Septentrionales Reg.

(98)  N1v-N2r Rvssia

(99)  N2v-N3r Tartaria

(100)      N3v-N4r China

(101)      N4v-N5r India Orient.

(102)      N5v-N6r Persia

(103)      N6v-N7r Tvrcicvm Imperivm

(104)      N7v-N8r Terra Sancta

(105)      N8v-O1r Natolia

(106)      O1v-O2r Aegyptvs

(107)      O2v-O3r Carthaginis

(108)      O3v-O4r Presbiteri Iohannis

(109)      O4v-O5r Barbaria et Biledvlgerid

(110)      O5v-O6r Fessae et Marocci

O6v blank

O7r Additamentvm | Epitomae | Theatri Minoris | Abr. Ortelii | De nouo Recognitvm, Auctvm, et Geographicae | ratione Restauratvm.| A | Michaele Coigneto | Mathem. Antverpiano.

(111)      O7v-O8r Lemovicvm

(112)      O8v-P1r Campania

(113)      P1v-P2r Tvronensis Dvcatvs

(114)      P2v-P3r Blesiense Territorivm (some browning)

(115)      P3v-P4r La Mans Cenomanorvm Typvs (some browning)

(116)      P4v-P5r Langvedoc (some browning)

(117)      P5v-P6r Franciae Insvla (some browning)

(118)      P6v-P7r Delphinatvs (some browning)

(119)      P7v-P8r Florentinvm Dominivm (some browning)

(120)      P8v-Q1r Apvlia (some browning)

(121)      Q1v-Q2r Islandia

(122)      Q2v-Q3r Iaponia insvla

(123)      Q3v-Q4r Romania

Q4v-Q7v Index tabvlarvm – Index tabvlarvm Additamenti – Approbatio – Summa Priuilegij – 2 blank pages.

The maps that are marked as having some browning contain mild traces of previous moisture which do in no way obstruct the visibility of the text pages and map images marked.

Overall quality perfect/EXCELLENT/very good/good/mediocre/poor

CD-Rom with the entire pocket atlas on request.

Price: Euro 9500

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