<p>Facsimile of the six volumes of Braun & Hogenberg ...

Facsimile of the six volumes of Braun & Hogenberg CIVITATES ORBIS TERRARUM, the first atlas of cities to appear from 1572 onwards after the model of the Theatrum of Ortelius, containing all city views produced by Braun & Hogenberg,  (uncolored).

The facsimile is in 3 hefty volumes, published by Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, Amsterdam, 1965, with an introduction by Skelton (in German).

These volumes are in mint condition, in original dust jackets, and are the only complete facsimile that has ever been made of the fundamental work by Braun & Hogenberg.

Stock number # 6140

Price for the complete set: Euro 1595 plus freight costs, which are considerable, as the three books weigh about 5 kilograms each.

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