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# 6131

First Facsimile of Ortelius'Atlas.

This is the first real size facsimile of Ortelius' Theatrum ever published.

It was initiated by Koeman in 1964 and published by Sequoia Elsevier.

The source for this facsimile was the colored copy of the 1570 Theatrum Orbis Terrarum as it resides in the University Library of Leiden, an exceptionally beautiful copy, complete with all text. It was later facsimilised again by publisher Rinsen (Japan) in 1992.

This facsimile is bound in artificial leather and is in mint condition.

It is accompanied by a 64 page booklet written by Koeman in French, discussing the life of Ortelius, the structure of European Geography in Ortelius' time, the first edition of his Theatrum, Praise and Criticism, the development of the Theatrum after 1570 and the state of cartography in the second half of the 16th century as reflected in the maps from the first edition of the Theatrum.

Price: Euro 625.

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