Abrahami Patriarchae Peregrinatio et vitae

Name of map : Abrahami Patriarchae Peregrinatio et vitae

Cartographer : Ortelius (1527-1598)

Stock number : 6016

Map number : Ort 182; (Koeman Atlantes Neerlandici III): 25P/I

State number of plate: first plate, second state;

Copy from edition: 1624 Latin Parergon; Page signature: none

Estimated number of copies printed: some 1200

Estimated number of loose copies in circulation: 58

Area displayed : the Holy Land, surrounded by 22 medallions

depicting scenes from Abraham's life;

Plate size : 354 x 467 mm;

Paper size : 432 x 548 mm;

Margins, left : 42 mm, right: 44 mm;

upper : 44 mm, lower: 35 mm;

Paper thickness and quality: very heavy and strong;

Paper color : off white;

Age of map color: old, original color;


margins : bottom margin extended, only visible against strong light;

plate area: none;

verso : none;

Overall quality : perfect/EXCELLENT/very good/good/fair/mediocre/poor

An excellent copy of great beauty and unusual expressive power of perhaps Ortelius' most decorative map. This rare first Abraham plate continued to be used next to its successor (Ort183) as late as 1624, as this map shows. The 1624 Parergon is easily recognised because it is the only edition with the text on verso printed in two columns.


Price : Euro 4975

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