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Theatrum Orbis Terrarum 1573 Latin edition, version B.

This is the smallest Latin edition of the Theatrum ever made by Ortelius: only 75 copies of it have been printed. About half of this edition (version A) incorporates the 17 maps of the first Latin Additamentum or supplement in identical typesetting but now with regular page numbers. The other half of the edition (version B) has all texts reset, some resembling version A closely, some radically changed and/or expanded, e.g. the text on verso of the Holland map. There are also some state changes on plates between version A and version B, e.g. the place-name Ter nuesen was added on Ort 78, Zeeland in this version B and does not occur in version A.


The introductory texts preceding the maps are identical for both versions. This 1573 Latin edition is the first containing the laudatory letter by Mercator, which was to be reprinted in all Latin editions.

This edition has been printed by Anthonis Coppens van Diest, son of Gilles who had printed the 1570 and 1571 Theatrum editions but died in 1572.

The book has an original parchment spine. Brownish marbled 18th century paper was glued to the original covers. This worn paper was removed from the covers and replaced by timeless parchment approximating the colour of the spine.

The atlas is complete, containing all texts and all 70 maps called for (cf. van der Krogt (2003) Koeman’s Atlantes Neerlandici Volume 3A, atlas 31:011, who does not distinguish between version A and B). The atlas contains 399 pages and is in excellent condition. All maps have wide margins, deep plate marks, and heavy paper. The book opens widely, allowing good inspection at the centrefold area.

All in all this book is a very desirable early Theatrum Orbis Terrarum made by Ortelius, the first modern atlas, and belongs to the rarest Latin edition.

Price: Euro 61500

A DVD containing the entire atlas in pictures of very high resolution (23 MB TIF-files) can be obtained upon request.

The atlas contains the following text sheets and maps (Ort-number followed by .state) and blemishes, if any,  are indicated for each map:

Original spine.

Cover of new but timeless parchment applied to original board covers.

Original fly leaf

Allegorical title page

Laudatory poems by Rogers and Hornius

Dedication to Philip II, King of Spain

Allegorical poem by Mekerchi, (3 pages)

Ortelius’address to the benevolent Reader (3 pages)

Catalogus Auctorum (4 pages)

Index (2 pages)

Second index (2 pages)

Laudatory poems by Rogers and Falkenburg

Laudatory letter to Ortelius by Mercator; list of maps added of the first Latin Additamentum

(1) Ort1.1 Typus Orbis Terrarum (World) (very slight browning at bottom centrefold)

(2) Ort9.1 America

(3) Ort6.1 Asia

(4) Ort8.2 Africa (some browning in top margin).

(5) Ort4.2 Europa (small hole and browning at bottom centrefold)

(6) Ort16.1 Great   Britain (small hole at bottom centrefold)

(7) Ort18.1 Scotland

(8) Ort19.1 England

(9) Ort21.1 Wales

(10) Ort22.1 Ireland

(11) Ort25.2 Spain

(12) Ort26.1 Portugal

(13) Ort34.1 France (slight browning at top and bottom of centrefold)

(14) Ort39.1 Biturigum-Limaniae (slight browning at bottom centrefold)

(15) Ort44ab.1 Caletensium-Veromanduorum

(16) Ort48ab.1 Galliae Nardonensis-Sabaudiae

(17) Ort56.1 Germania

(18) Ort58.1 Germania Inferior

(19) Ort61.1 Gelria

(20) Ort65.2 Brabantia

(21) Ort75.1 Flandria

(22) Ort78.4 Zeeland

(23) Ort79.1 Holland

(24) Ort80.1 Frisia (some browning of upper left margin)

(25) Ort84.1 Denmark (some browning of upper left margin)

(26) Ort88ab.1 Ditmarschen-Prussia (some browning of upper left and right corner)

(27) Ort93.1 Saxony (some browning of upper left and right corner)

(28) Ort94.1 Mansfeld

(29) Ort96.1 Thüringen-Meissen (some browning of upper left corner)

(30) Ort100.1 Franconia-Münster

(31) Ort101.1 Bohemia

(32) Ort102.1 Silesia (small split at bottom centrefold; small rust hole in upper margin)

(33) Ort104.1 Moravia

(34) Ort105.2 Austria

(35) Ort107.1 Saltzburg

(36) Ort110.1 Bavaria (slight browning middle-left)

(37) Ort111ab.1 Bavaria Palatinus-Wirtenberg

(38) Ort114ab.1 Basel-Schwaben

(39) Ort115.1 Switzerland (browning at boom centrefold and at upper left margin)

(40) Ort116ab.1 Tirol-Goritia

(41) Ort 117.1 Italy (small hole lower right near centrefold)

(42) Ort119.1 Friuli

(43) Ort125.1 Duchy of Milam (some fraying of left margin)

(44) Ort128.1 Piemont (slight browning along centrefold)

(45) Ort121ab.1 Patavinus-Apulia

(46) Ort129abc.1 Como-Rome-Friuli

(47) Ort130.1 Tuscany

(48) Ort137abc.1 Siena-Corsica-Ancona

(49) Ort139.1 Neapolitana (two small brown spots in lower left)

(50) Ort141a/f.1 Sicily-Sardinia-Malta-Elba-Corfu-Zerbi

(51) Ort148ab.1 Cyprus-Creta (some foxing of lower left and right margin)

(52) Ort149.1 Cyprus-(inset) Lemnos

(53) Ort146.1 Greece

(54) Ort144.1 Illyricum

(55) Ort143abc.1 Carinthia-Histria-Zara

(56) Ort150.2 Hungary (faint browning lower left)

(57) Ort152.1 Transsylvania

(58) Ort154.1 Poland

(59) Ort158abc.1 Pomerania-Livonia-Oswiecz

(60) Ort160.1 Septentrionalium (Northern Regions) (slight browning along centrefold and bottom margin)

(61) Ort162.1 Russia (brown spot in right and in left margin)

(62) Ort163.1 Tartaria

(63) Ort166.1 India Orientalis

(64) Ort167.1 Persia (some browning at bottom centrefold)

(65) Ort168.1 Turkish Empire

(66) Ort170.3 Palestina

(67) Ort174abc.1 Natolia-Egypt-Carthago

(68) Ort175.1 Presb. Ioanni (East Africa)

(69) Ort176.1 Barbaria et Biledulgerud (small rust hole lower left)

(70) Ort145.1 Slavonia


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