<p>ATLAS DESCRIPTION 1609 Latin Parergon plus 1601 ...

ATLAS DESCRIPTION 1609 Latin Parergon plus 1601 Nomenclator

The 1609/1612 Latin Parergon (these two editions only differ in the date on the title page and are further identical) is bound together with the 1601L Nomenclator Ptolemaicus in one original old binding, probably made at the request of the first owner.

The atlas is bound in contemporary parchment with stamps, ornated with gold. On the back cover, a triangle of parchment has been replaced by other old parchment. The parergon and the Nomenclator are both complete in terms of maps (38) and texts, the printing is in good and sharp black and white with deep plate marks, on clean white paper with very wide margins. A few maps have minor blemishes as indicated below. Overall condition is excellent and seldom found for a complete atlas.

The atlas contains the following maps in the following order:

0. Parergon title page with inscription in an old hand: Ioanni Ottens Balthasar Moretus DD., perhaps signifying that Balthasar Moretus gave this atlas as a present to Johannes Ottens, possibly a forbear of the Ottens family that produced atlases in the Netherlands in the late 17th century.

1. Ort179 Geographia Sacra

2. Ort172 Palestina

3. Ort180 Typus Chorographicus (Ancient Holy Land)

4. Ort181 Peregrinatio Divi Pauli

5.      Ort183  Abrahami Patriarchae Peregrinatio

6.      Ort186 Aevi Veteris (Ancient World)

7.      Ort187 Imago Romani Imperii (Roman  Empire) [some fraying of lower right margin]

8.      Ort189 Europa Celtica (tiny rust speck in side margin)

9.      Ort192 Britannicarum Insularum Typus

10.  Ort193 Hispaniae Veteris Descriptio

11.  Ort196 Galliae Veteris Typus

12.  Ort194 Gallia Vetus

13.  Ort198 Belgii Veteris Typus

14.  Ort200 Germaniae Veteris Typus

15.  Ort201 Ordines Sacri I (Electors)

16.  Ort202 Ordines Sacri II (Electors)

17.  Ort203 Pannoniae et Illyriae Veteris Tabula [slight fraying of lower right margin]

18.  Ort205 Italiae Veteris Specimen [rust speck in lower left corner]

19.  Ort206 Italia Gallica sive Cisalpina

20.  Ort208 Tusciae Antiquae Typus

21.  Ort209 Latium

22.  Ort210 Itala nam tellus Graecia Maior

23.  Ort211 Sicilia [minor fraying of right bottom margin]

24.  Ort212 Daciarum Moesiarumque vetus descriptio

25.  Ort213 Pontus Euxinus

26.  Ort214 Thraciae Veteris Typus [slight browning of right part of bottom margin]

27.  Ort215 Graecia Sophiani [tiny rust speck in lower right corner]

28.  Ort216 Cyprus, Euboea, Rhodus, Lesbos, Chios [tiny rust speck]

29.  Ort217 Creta, Sardinia, Corsica, Ins. Maris Ionii

30.  Ort218 Africa Propria Tabula

31.  Ort221 Aegyptus Antiqua

32.  Ort222 Alexandri Magni Macedonis Expeditio

33.  Ort223 Aeneae Navigatio

34.  Ort224 Erythraei Periplus/Ulyssis Errores

35.  Ort225 Argonautica

36.  Ort231 Tempe [slight browning of left part bottom margin]

37.  Ort232 Daphne

38.  Ort233 Escorial

Follows Nomenclator Ptolemaicus title page dated 1601, 30 text pages.

De Mona Druidum, four text pages


Price of this unique atlas: Euro 19500

The entire atlas is recorded in high resolution (20 MB per maps) of which a copy can be obtained on DVD on request.  

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