Descriptio Germaniae Inferioris

Name of map : Descriptio Germaniae Inferioris

Cartographer : Ortelius (1527-1598)


Stock number : 5885;

Map number : Ort 58; (Koeman Atlantes Neerlandici III): 14


State number of plate:1

Copy from edition: 1602 Spanish; Page signature: 37;

Estimated number of copies printed: 7000

Estimated number of loose copies in circulation: 138

Area displayed: Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg;


Plate size: 383 x 504 mm;

Paper size: 436 x 552 mm;

Margins, left: 15 mm; right: 20 mm upper: 23 mm; lower: 29 mm;

Paper thickness and quality: heavy and strong;

Paper color: off-white;

Map color, age: old, original color, somewhat light and pale;


margins : upper left corner expertly repaired;

plate area : none;

verso : none;

Overall quality:

perfect/EXCELLENT/very good/good/fair/mediocre/poor

Price: Euro 1485

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