MONTGOMERY SHIRE Described by Christopher Saxton ...

Name of map     : MONTGOMERY SHIRE Described by Christopher Saxton Augmented and published by John Speed And are to be solde in Popes head.alley against the Exchange of London by Ion Sudbury and George Humbell  Cum Privilegio 1610.

Cartographer    : John Speed (1552-1629)

Stock number    : 5685

Map number      : The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain, as facsimile:

                  The Counties of Britain p. 253-255

State number of plate: 1

Page signature  : Ff1

Area displayed  : The county of Montgomery shire, inset: city map of Montgomery.

Plate size      : 387 x 514 mm;

Paper size      : 391 x 515 mm;

Margins, left   :  1  mm,  right:  1  mm;

         upper  :  2  mm,  lower:  3  mm;

Paper thickness and quality: heavy and strong;

Paper   color   : off white;

Age of map color: old, original colour;


     margins    : very small margins;

     plate area : none;

     verso      : city of Montgomery backed with modern paper;

Overall quality :perfect/excellent/VERY GOOD/good/fair/mediocre/poor

Price           : € Euro   275

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