Name of map     : JUDEA seu TERRA SANCTA quae HEBRAEORUM sive ISRAELITARUM in suas duodecim Tribus divisa secretis ab invicem Regnis IUDA et ISRAEL expressis in super sex ultimi temporis eiusdem Terrae Provincijs ex conatibus Geographicis Gulielmi Sanson, Christianissimi Galliarum Regis Geographi, SERENISSIMO PRINCIPI DELPHINO offerebat humilissimus, Obsequentissimus af fidelissimus servus Hubertus Jaillot.

Cartographer    : Sanson-Jaillot, 1677, Laor 367.

Stock number    : 5214;

Area displayed  : Holy Land, from Gaza to Sidon.

Size of plate   : 545 x 853 mm; 2 plates;

Paper size      : 630 x 970 mm;

Margins, left   :  62 mm,  right:  60 mm;

         upper  :  40 mm,  lower:  15 mm;

Paper thickness and quality: good and strong;

Paper   color   : off white.

Age of map color: old colors, green, pink, yellow, partly in outline only;


     margins    : some foxing and a few small tears;

     plate area : a few tiny wormholes;

     verso      : bottom and top centerfold strengthened

Overall quality : perfect/excellent/VERY GOOD/good/fair/mediocre/poor

Price           : Euro  950

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