Das Caspische Meer-Das Land Kamtzadalie sonst Jedso.

Name of map     : Das Caspische Meer-Das Land Kamtzadalie sonst Jedso.

Goegraphica Nova ex Oriente gratiosissima duabis tabulis specialissimis contenta quarum una Mare Caspium altera Kamtzaadaliam seu Terram Jedso curiose exhibet Editore Io. Bapt. Homann S.C.M. Geogr. Norimbergae.

Cartographer    : Homann

Date of Map     : 1725

Stock number    : 4998

Area displayed  : Left half: Caspian Sea; right half: Kamschatka, North Japan.

Plate size      : 490 x 580 mm;

Paper size      : 542 x 604 mm;

Margins, left   : 15  mm,  right: 15  mm;

         upper  : 21  mm,  lower: 30  mm;

Paper thickness and quality: heavy and strong;

Paper   color   : off white;

Age of map color: old, original;

     colors used: pink, yellow, green, orange;

  general color appearance: authentic;


     margins   : a few minor tears;

     plate area: small tear near centerfold well repaired;

     verso     : none;

Overall quality : perfect/EXCELLENT/very good/good/fair/mediocre/poor

Price           : Euro  515

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