Tabula itineris et stationum Israelitarum in deserto ...

Name of map     : Tabula itineris et stationum Israelitarum in deserto ab eorum egressu ex Aegypto ad transitum Iordanis juxta auctoris systema.

Cartographer    : (Christoph Joseph Stumpf, sc. Hoechb. b. Wirzb. not in Laor.

Date of Map     : 1790

Stock number    : 4993

Area displayed  : Eastern Egypt, Sinai, Southern Holy Land. Wandering of the Children of Israel through the desert.

Plate size      : 320 x 437 mm;

Paper size      : 365 x 464 mm;

Margins, left   :  6   mm; right:  23  mm;

         upper  : 21   mm; lower:  25  mm;

Paper thickness and quality: medium thickness but good;

Paper   color   : some overall browning;

Age of map color: uncolored;


     margins   : some browning;

     plate area: five vertical and one horizontal fold;

     verso     : paper tape remnants at the top;

Overall quality : perfect/excellent/VERY GOOD /good/fair/mediocre/poor

Remarks         : very rare

Price           : Euro  435

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