Fezzae et Marocchi Regna Africae Celeberrima

Name of map     : Fezzae et Marocchi Regna Africae Celeberrima

Cartographer    : Blaeu

Stock number    : 4585

Map number      : Vd Krogt New Koeman Atlantes Neerlandici II: 8615:2:601

State number of plate: 1

Copy from edition: 1666 Latin; Page signature: 35-36

Area displayed  : North West Africa, present day Morocco;

Plate size      : 388 x 503 mm;

Paper size      : 525 x 618 mm;

Margins, left   : 52  mm,  right: 59  mm;

         upper  : 60  mm,  lower: 78  mm;

Paper thickness and quality: heavy and strong;

Paper   color   : off white;

Age of map color: old, original color;

Colors used     : yellow, orange, green, blue, red, pink, mostly in outline

Overall color impression: authentic and expressive


     margins    : none;

     plate area : none;

     verso      : none;

Overall quality : PERFECT/excellent/very good/good/fair/mediocre/poor

Price           : Euro 495

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