Name of map     : Africa

Cartographer    : Haas, Homann Hrs

Date of Map     : 1737

Refernce:         Norwich, map 83 (illustration), page 139

Stock number    : 4419

Area displayed  : Continent of Africa;

Plate size      : 475 x 562 mm;

Paper size      : 565 x 663 mm;

Margins, left   :  44  mm,  right: 52  mm;

         upper  :  47  mm,  lower: 48  mm;

Paper thickness and quality: very heavy and strong;

Paper   color   : off white;

Age of map color: old, original;

     colors used: yellow, pink, green, red, mostly in outline only;

  general color appearance: authentic, accentuated outlines;


     margins   : none;

     plate area: none;

     verso     : none;

Overall quality : PERFECT/excellent/very good/good/fair/mediocre/poor

Price           : Euro  500

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