Typus Orbis Terrarum (World)

Name of map†††† : Typus Orbis Terrarum (World)

Cartographer††† : Ortelius (1527-1598)

Stock number††† : 4402

Map number††††† : Ort 2

State number of plate:2 (cf. Shirley map 153)

From the 1589 German edition.

Estimated number of copies printed: 300

Estimated number of loose copies in circulation: 14

Area displayed† : the world as known in 1586

Plate size††††† : 340 x 494 mm;

Paper size††††† : 393 x 544 mm;

Margins, left†† :† 28 mm,† right:† 27 mm;

†††††††† upper† :† 29 mm,† lower:† 30 mm;

Paper thickness and quality: average, but good;

Paper†† color†† : off white;

Age of map color:† old, original;

†††† colors used:† red, pink, orange, yellow, blue;

general color appearance: light and authentic;


††† margins†††† : none;

††† plate area† : none;

††† verso†††††† : back covered with very thin transparent rice paper;

Overall quality: perfect/excellent/VERY GOOD/good/fair/mediocre/poor.

Additional remarks: very rare; the second plate in Orteliusí Theatrum was only used for two years, and very few copies with German text exist;

Price†††††††††† :†† Euro12000

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