Name of title page: SACRED GEOGRAPHY, Contained in SIX MAPS, VIZ

  1. Shewing the situation of Paradise and the Country inhabited by the PATRIARCHS
  2. The Peopling the World by the Sons of NOAH and the Israelites Journeying in the Wilderness.
  3. A Plan of the City of Jerusalem with a View of Solomonís TEMPLE and all the sacred Utensils therein.
  4. The HOLY LAND divided into the Twelve Tribes of Israel in which is exactly traced our SAVIOURíS Travels
  5. The Land of CANAAN.
  6. The Travels of St. PAUL and the rest of the APOSTLES

The whole very Useful for the better understanding of the HOLY BIBLE

The Second Edition

London, Printed for J. SENEX at the Globe in Salisbury Court near Fleet street and W. TAYLOR at the Ship in Pater-noster Row, 1719.

Cartographer    : Senex

Stock number    : 4339

Copy from edition: 1719

Displayed       :  Text and one ornament.

Sheet size      :  530 x 333 mm;

Paper thickness and quality: rather thin;

Paper   color   : off white;

Age of sheet color: uncolored;


     margins    : none;

     text  area : none;

     verso      : none;

Overall quality :

PERFECT/excellent/very good/good/fair/mediocre/poor

Price           : Ä Euro  50

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