<P> </P> <P>67 German Lithographs and steel engravings, ...

67 German Lithographs and steel engravings, early to late 19th century, a few colored as indicated, paper size 16 x 20 cms to 22 x 26 cms, good condition, except for a few views with foxing, as specified: price for the entire series: Euro 1100

  1. Quebec, Canada
  2. Quebec, Canada
  3. Philadelphia Girard’s Bank and Exchange
  4. Philadelphia Girard’s College
  5. Philadelphia Die Bank der Vereinigte Staaten
  6. Philadelphia Girard’s Bank
  7. Baltimore, city view (colored)
  8. St. Charles am Missouri
  9. Die Virginia Universität
  10. Washington, Chamber of Representatives
  11. Washington, Das Neue Capitol
  12. Das Capitol in Washington
  13. Capitol Washington, colored
  14. Washington’s House
  15. Das Grab Washington’s (tomb)
  16. Niagara Fall, colored
  17. Yale College and State House, New Haven, Connecticut
  18. Weston, Missouri
  19. The upper Mississippi, Minnesota (foxed)
  20. Bluff’s below St. Paul, Minnesota
  21. Brown’s Fall, Minnesota
  22. Münding der St Croix River, Minnesota
  23. Passaie Falls
  24. Cap á l’Ail, Mississippi
  25. Chapel of our Lady bey Coldspring
  26. Grand Spirit Tables (Lake Pepin)
  27. Die Quelle des Jumna
  28. Landschaft bei der Furth über den Read River
  29. Hartford in Connecticut
  30. Galveston in Texas
  31. Jefferson City, Missouri River
  32. New Orleans (harbor)
  33. New York
  34. Aussicht von Gowanus Heights, Long Island
  35. Bay von New York, von Hoboken gesehen
  36. Der Hudson Fluss und seine Felsenwand (colored)
  37. Broadway, New York (with horses and carriages, colored)
  38. The Tombs, Hall of Justice, New York
  39. Grace Church, New York
  40. New York und Williamsburg, von der Navy Yard aus gesehen
  41. Albany in New York
  42. Boston Lighthouse
  43. The Monument on Bunker’s Hill near Boston
  44. Das Rathaus in Boston
  45. Die Fanuiel Marthalle in Boston (colored)
  46. Die natürliche Brücke in Virginia (natural bridge)
  47. Mountsbay
  48. Burlington am Mississippi (colored)
  49. Mount Jefferson
  50. Die Volcano Goldgräbereien Californien (goldrush)
  51. Mexico (city view)
  52. Panama (harbor view, colored)
  53. Panama (castle at harbor)
  54. San Juan de Nicaragua
  55. Vera Cruz (ship in distress at sea)
  56. Negroponte
  57. Savannah, Mosquito (foxed)
  58. Saragossa, vorstad von Leon, Central America
  59. Lake Managua, Central America
  60. Szenerie auf dem San Juan, Central America
  61. Neu Freiburg, Brasilien
  62. Urwald scenerie in Brasilien (jungle, foxed)
  63. Buenos Aires (harbor view, colored)
  64. Lima, Peru
  65. Wa-Ba-Sha prairie am Mississippi
  66. Der Susquehannah (foxed)
  67. Der Marktplatz in Granada am Nicaragua See

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