<p>Title of book : Abrahami Ortelii | Antverpiani ...

Title of book : Abrahami Ortelii | Antverpiani | SYNONYMIA | GEOGRAPHICA, | SIVE | POPVLORVM, REGIONVM, INSVLARVM, | Vrbium, Opidorum, Montium, Promontorium, Silva|rum Pontium, Marium, Sinuum, Lacuum, Paludum, Flu-|viorum, Fontium, &c. variae, pro Auctorum traditionibus, | saeculorum intervallis, Gentiumque idiomatic & migra-|tionibus, appellations & nomina.

Opus non tantum Geographis, sed etiam Historiae & | poëseos sudiosis vtile ac necessarium. (printers logo of Plantin) ANTVERPIAE, | Ex officina Christophori Plantini | Architypographi Regij | M.D.LXXVIII


Stock number: 2948


Edition: 1578 Latin;

First edition of Synonymia, which from 1570 to 1575 was bound at the end of Ortelius’ ”Theatrum” and which is increased in content here by some 300 %. Estimated number of copies printed: 1250 of which Plantin gave 25 copies as a reward to its writer Ortelius.

417 numbered pages on quarto format, 248 x 170 mm.


Somewhat blackened parchment binding loosely covering the book; remnants of leather straps to bind the book into closed position. First fly leaf has a hole. Back cover misses lower right corner. Spine of book has in handwriting: Ortelij | Synonymia | Geographi-|ca. Old library number on white seal with blue edge below title. Text part in good shape, no damage, nothing lacking.

Overall quality: perfect/excellent/VERY GOOD/good/fair/mediocre/poor

Price   : Euro 1100 

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