<P>Lithograph prints depicting various scenes from ...

Lithograph prints depicting various scenes from Livonia, mid 19th century, designed by Wilhelm Siegfried Stavenhagen, Engraved and printed by G.G. Lange, Darmstadt, plate size 135 x 185 mm, paper size 235 x 305 mm.


1268a  Der Badeort Sillamaeggi in Ehstland 95-

1268e  Staelenhof in Livland 90-

1268f  Die Kirche zu Odenpae in Livland 90-

1268j  Der heilige See in Livland                        100.-

1268l  Heimthal in Livland 75-

1268m  Schloss Oberpahlen in Livland 100-

1268n  Die Klosterruine Brigitten 125-

1268o  Die Insel Pucht in Ehstland 85-

1268p  Fahna in Ehstland 100-

1268q  Klein Chudleigh in Ehstland 100-

1268r  Klein Heimthal in Ehstland 100-

1268s  Meeresufer bei Strandhof in Ehstland 85-

1268t  Palms in Ehstland 95-

The whole lot: Euro 875

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