<P>Stock nr. 1048: North Pacific</P> <P>a) c. 1790 ...

Stock nr. 1048: North Pacific

a) c. 1790 "The Inside of a House in Oonalaska", 215 x 355 mm Euro 25

b) Hogg, c. 1790 "A View of the Town of Bolcheretzk, the Capital of Kamtschatka", 230 x 330 mm Euro 25

c) Hogg, c. 1790 "Views on the Coast of Kamtschatka" (Awatska), 225 x 370 mm Euro 30

d) Robinson, 1798 "View of St. Peter and St. Paul at Kamschatka", 250 x 340 mm Euro 30

e) c. 1800 "Ansicht einer Gegend des Aldan Flusses auf dem Wege von Oschotsk nach Jakutsk", 200 x 240 mm Euro 15

The whole lot Euro 85

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