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Various Pacific Islands

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a) Bonne, 1772 "Terre de Kerguelen, Appellāe par M. Cook Isle de la Dāsolation; Isles du Prince Edouard; Plan du Port Palliser dans la Terre de Kerguelen; Plan du Havre de NoŽl dans la Terre de Kerguelen; 4 charts on one plate, 250 x 355 mm

b) c. 1790 "Map of Kerguelen's Land, called by C. Cook Island of Desolation", inset "Prince   Edward Islands", 285 x 235 mm

c) Hogg, c. 1790 Queen Charlotte's Islands; Swallow's Bay; Byron's Harbour; 230 x 350 mm

d) Hogg, c. 1790 "The Island of St. John, Cape St George, Cape Orford; Cape Buller, Lord Sandwichs Island, The Isle of Man, The Mother and Two Daughters; Nova Hibernia", 230 x 350 mm†††††

e) c. 1780 "A Dance at Ulieta one of the Society Islands in the South  Seas", 165 x 220 mm

f) Hogg, c. 1790 "View of Sir Charles Saunders Island; Osnaburg Island; Boscawens Island; Adml. Keppels Island; Wallis's Island, 215 x 350 mm†† fl† 85

g) c. 1780 "Christmas  Island, discovered in the ships Resolution and Discovery, 1777", 225 x 200 mm†††††

h) c. 1790 "A Man of Mangea, an Island in the South Pacific  Ocean", 215 x 165 mm

i) c. 1785 "A Savage of the Admiralty Isles in the South Sea", 165 x 215 mm

j) Phillips, 1806 "The Massacre of Part of the Crew of Perouse at Maouna one of the Navigators  Islands", 145 x 90 mm†††

k) Strahan, 1777 "Sketch of the Marquesas de Mendoca; inset: Resolution  Bay or Port Madre de Dios", 170 x 200 mm††††

l) Fortier, c. 1795 "Echasses de Whitaho ou Santa Christina, une des Isles Las Marquesas de Mendoca", Voyage of Marchand, 195 x 260 mm†††††

(woodcarved poles)

m) Strahan, 1777 "Ornaments and weapons at the Marquesas", 225 x 175 mm

n) Baldwyn, c. 1790 "View of Resolution Bay in the Marquesas", 225 x 345 mm††

o) Strahan, 1777 "Woman of Sta. Christina", 300 x 215 mm†††

p) c. 1800 "The Chief of Sta. Christina; A Principal Woman of Sta. Christina", 345 x 225 mm†††††

q) c. 1800 "Portrait of Potatow; Portrait of Omai", 355 x 225 mm†

r) Hogg, c. 1790 "Mr. Banks receiving a visit from the King of Duke of York's Island; View of a Perforated Rock in Tolago Bay; View of a Town in the Island of Terra del Fuego", 355 x 230 mm†††

s) Baldwyn, c. 1790 "A Touparow with a corpse on it_attended by the Chief Mourner in his Habit of Ceremony", 230 x 350 mm†††

t) c. 1795 "A Branch of the Bread-Fruit Tree the principal support of the natives of the South Sea Islands", 165 x 215 mm†††

u) Strahan, 1777 Musical Instruments and weapons, 225 x 175

v) Strahan, 1777 "A draught, Plan and Section of the Britannia Otehite War Canoe" (with many details), 260 x 465 mm†

w) Strahan, 1777 "A Draught, Plan and Section of an Amsterdam Canoe, seen in the South Seas" (with many details), 260 x 560 mm††

The whole lot†††† Euro 350

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