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The friendly Islands

Stock number 1045

a) c. 1775 "The Ceremony of Poulaho King of the Friendly Islands drinking Kava in the presence of the Chiefs and a numerous assemblage of other principal persons", 165 x 215 mm     

b) c. 1775 "A boxing match at Hapae, one of the Friendly Islands", 165 x 215 mm

c) c. 1775 "Poulaho, King of the Friendly Islands at the time of Captain Cook's visit", 165 x 215 mm     

d) c. 1780 "Poulaho, King of the Friendly Islands", 200 x 310 mm  fl  50

e) Strahan, 1777 "Ornaments, utensils and weapons at the Friendly Isles", 235 x 380 mm

f) Hogg, c. 1790 "Chart of the Friendly Islands", 235 x 350 mm   

g) c. 1790 "Chart of the Friendly Isles", 395 x 270 mm     

h) Strahan, 1777 "Chart of the Friendly Isles", 355 x 235 mm     

The whole lot     Euro 150

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