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Stock number 1044

a) c. 1785 "Various instruments used by the natives of Otaheite" (wooden instruments), 165 x 215 mm     

b) c. 1785 "Interview between Captain Wallis, and Oberea, Queen of Otaheite, after Peace being established with the Natives of that Island", 165 x 215 mm 

c) c. 1785 "View of Tuppapow or Shed, under which the bodies of the Chiefs of Otaheite are embalmed and preserved after death", 165 x 215 mm    

d) Phillips, 1806 "A Human Sacrifice in a Temple at Otaheite", 100 x 145 mm

e) c. 1785 "Representation of a Human Sacrifice in a Morai at Otaheite in the presence of Captain Cook and his Officers", 165 x 215 mm   

f) c. 1785 "War Canoes of Otaheite equipp'd for Engagement as represented by Captn. Cooke", 165 x 215 mm     

g) Webber, c. 1785 "A young Woman of Olaheite, in the dress they assume when bringing a present", 165 x 215 mm 

h) Strahan, 1777 "O-hedidee" (portrait), 195 x 255 mm

i) Strahan, 1777 "Tynai-mai" (portrait), 195 x 255 mm

j) Strahan, 1777 "Otago" (portrait), 195 x 255 mm    

k) Strahan, 1777 "Otoo King of Otaheite" (portrait), 195 x 255 mm

l) Hogg, c. 1790 "The mode of Dancing in the Island of Ulieta" (upper half); "Exact representation of a Morai or Burial Place in Olaheite" (lower half), 295 x 190 mm  

m) Kelly (c. 1790) "A Dance in Otaheite", 205 x 170 mm     


The whole lot     Euro 200

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